Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japanese MMA reacts to devastating earthquake

MMA has a huge role in Japan, so it's not surprising that the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the island country would have an effect on fighters. UFC fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama, who will fight Nate Marquardt at UFC 128 next week, posted pictures of damage on his website. Roxanne Modafferi, an American-born fighter who has fought for Strikeforce and makes her home in Japan, put a note on her Facebook page about the moment the quake hit.

Then the place freaking starts ROCKING.� People start BOOKING it for the door.� Come on, grandma, ditch the cart!� Like 5 grandmas were like blocking the doors with their carts...

We make it outside and even standing on the pavement, we can feel it.� I look up and see antenae waving back and forth wildly, and I SEE THE FREAKING 7 STORY BUILDING SWAYING compared to the one next to it!!

It was so scary!� The building was moving!� People were pouring out of all the nearby buildings.

Eventually, I went to my office and saw my co-workers with students standing outside.� Turns out that we cancelled classes for the rest of the day.� Well, only two kids showed up and we sent them home.� There were aftershocks, and it was really scary.

MMA Fighting photographer Dan Herbertson has also been tweeting about the earthquake, the biggest to hit Japan since earthquakes have been measured. He has posted pictures and updates from around Tokyo. MMA Japan tweeted, "Aoki is OK," referring to lightweight fighter Shinya Aoki, and said that Jewels and Pancrase events for this weekend were canceled. Herbertson reported that Shooto is canceled, as well.


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